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    Hi all,

    Just a quick question for you: I'm an amateur photographer, and mainly shoot for personal use. I find most occassions I use a camera are in low-light conditions, at a party or inside a club, where the moment exists only momentarily and requires a quick response to capture the frame.

    I've been through a few digital compacts (my camera needs to be light and easily transportable), but unfortunately all I have tried take far too long to shoot. Both the Casio Exilim and Nikon Coolpix ranges I have tried seem to take 5+ seconds to focus, with 2-3 intermittent flashes, and often I miss the moment I'm trying to capture.

    Can anyone recommend a small compact that has a quick low-light focus and will help me capture those fleeting memories? Quality is not as important and response and convenience to me.



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