Photos at the dubai Beach .. please C&C


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Jan 31, 2009
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Arkuro, To make your pics show up in your post (Photobucket) use the tags with the Prefix.
Dubai is one of the top 5 places on the planet that i would like to visit. The skyline amazes me. Can you post photos of it? I'd like to see pics of all the construction too.

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At last I could post the photos.. I would try to take pictures in dubai as much as I can..please C&C these pictures
first off, all of your images are centered. i hate when people preach the rule of thirds, but you should use it in some cases, like the sailboat. number 2 is extremely crooked, and they could all use a boost in color and contrast. i also think 4 would be better suited with a tighter crop.

my $0.02

edit: ok, the photos were getting to me so i had to edit. heres my take on them. i scrapped 3 because of a lack of subject. i really like number 1 though.



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His edits helped with composure issues and removed alot of dead space. G's are much better. Nice overall.
#1 and #2 look kind of hazy to me. but besides that, i really like them!

The edits done by Gsurf1029 in my opinion make the photos much better.
Thanks for the comments.. and a special thanks to G for the edits. Actually I am just trying to learn what do u people mean when you say rule of thirds.. I get it theoretically.. but it takes a time to understand when u r taking a photo.. also what people are looking for when they see a photograph.. but depends on personal perception in the end. Thanks a lot.. I am going to dubai today to see the underwater park.. will take a lot of pics.. and come back to you guys.. for C&C... I hope doesnot bother anyone..


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