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Apr 8, 2009
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I just wanted an opinion on about PS Elements 6. I've never actually bought a copy of PS before but just used the one we had a my old job. I don't know a whole lot about software but will Elements be enough for basic-mid level digital photo editing? I wouldn't need something like CS4 right?

By basic-mid I just mean things a long the lines of contrast and other colour adjustments and the creative ability to work with different layers so that you can erase parts from layers closer to the top to expose layers underneath.

I was also thinking about investing in Aperture 2 as I like the way you can organize and access your photos and also the vignette feature which helps give your photos that lil bit of a more professional look.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

PS Elements is geared very heavilly towards photo manipulation. It's fine for cropping, colour correction etc. and does the job well. Where it starts to fall down is when you do more advanced stuff, it's layers support is weak compared to CS3 ( and probably CS4 ), the menus are less complex ( and thus less options - but the options that are missing are generally non-photographic ones ) etc.

So yes, for doing photographic work, Elements works well, it even includes it's own library system for cataloguing.
Thanks for that Katier! I'm still a bit unsure which to go with but I found the trial download so will have a play around with it and then see if its enough for what I want to do. :)

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