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Nov 17, 2021
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Hi All

I am planning to make a pinhole camera tent for making extra xxl paper negatives.
The tent will be a 3x3x2 meters. (approximately 9x9x6 foot).

The material should be as light as possible for easy transport.
I'm investigating the best material to use. It is important that the inside is black, not reflectant.

any ideas? Thanks in advance
A friend back in the 80's made a large pinhole camera with a refrigerator shipping box, flat black spray paint and gaffers tape.
Thank you. I've made several large camera's myself, from cardboard, canvas with black paint etc. Works great. But I'm looking for a light proof, light weight material.
Coated canvas. Fabric stores will carry poly style cloths also that are light tight.
Upholstery material and even leather.

The kicker is that the cloth has to be light tight. Opaque canvass will still have a weave aspect that lets light in. So it must have a coating to cover it.
Having made bag bellows as well, again if affordable something along the lines of a leather or leatherette type material will work.
Thank you Soocom!

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