Plan for hack Tilt/Shift solution? Please advise...


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Mar 22, 2009
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So, I recently got a Kiev 60 that I have enjoyed messing around with so far. I also have an old Canon AE-1 that is pretty solid still.

While perusing available accessories for the Kiev, I noticed that a couple of sites sell adaptors that either tilt or shift and allow you to use a Pentacon Six size lens on a 35mm... I have a big cool lens that I got with the Kiev and had an idea.

I've had an original Lensbaby lens for my Canon, I know it tilts, but does not shift (I also know its tilting isn't as scientific as a real T/S lens).

I know that the reason you can add length between the lens and focal plane with such an adaptor without losing the ability to focus to infinity because you are using a MF lens instead of a 35mm lens.


If I bought machined adaptor for using Canon lenses on a Minolta camera ($45), removed the minolta side and could attach a Pentacon Six size reversing ring to the other side, would the lens be big enough to not lose infinity focus if I sandwiched it all together?

MF P6 mount Lens-> Tilt adaptor ring-> Canon lens mount-> P6 ring-> Shift adaptor ring-> Canon AE-1 body

For $60 and some work, I could make an adaptor unit that, with the purchase of a tilt adaptor ($125) and a shift adaptor ($85), would let me use my MF Pentacon 6 size camera lens as a tilt/shift lens for my Canon AE-1.

Unless you guys tell me that it definitely won't work...

I have seen an 80mm tilt/shift Canon FD mount lens for $425 and a 35mm version for $625, it seems that tilt shift lenses for the Pentacon 6 MF cameras have recently jumped from a very reasonable range to over $2k when some whole changeover took place involving multiple parties named Hartblei (it seems confusing)...


MC 80 mm Tilt & Shift Canon FD lens

It won't be nearly as fun as building your own, but keep in mind that you will have to have some pretty good flange back distance measurements to do what you are proposing. If it is off by even a fraction of a mm, you'll have to stop down a lot to get usable results which would defeat the purpose of the lens. I'd also look into scoring a FD 35mm f/2.8 TS-E off of ebay. It's a pretty sweet lens.
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Thanks for your input. I will just have to make due without true tilt/shift action for what will probably be an indefinite period of time... The lens you suggested seems like a good option. I did find a tilt shift lens here that will work with with Pentacon Six mount on my Kiev 60 for $1,300, too... Oh, well. As awesome as true T/S photography is, I still have more than enough tools to have a blast...
I once took a 75mm Wollensak lens from an old Wirgin 6x6 folder and attached the camera side of the bellows to a junk 28mm Vivitar MD lens mounting base and I put the Wollensak onto my sr-T101. With some very interesting results. If you have it to do then my advice would be to just up and do it. At the very least it will be interesting. At the most it will be the time of your life and something different to come back to when your normal photography just isn't satiating the curiosity.

That's a cool idea, but I already have the lensbaby, which is a tilting lens like yours. After having the lensbaby for a while, which is awesome, I was looking to add the shift effect to the gumbo. I am also afraid of creating a lens that doesn't have the ability to focus to infinity.
You could also do what I did and just buy a Speed Graphic for $100 w/ lens. It's a cheap and really rewarding way to get some movements. Plus 4x5 negs are amazing.
Thanks for the tip... I imagine it will be pretty tough today to find a view camera for <$300 or so, but I will try scouring on a regular basis, it is a better idea...

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