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Jan 6, 2013
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That reads like the title of a porn flick but I do actually have a sensible question about it. I've noticed that a tiny bit of movement has developed between lens and body, not a wobble but a bit of rotation when the lens is locked in, just a fraction of a millimetre but it wasn't there before. Is that normal wear and tear or something to be concerned about?
I could be the play was always there but you didn't notice.

At some point rotational play will cause electrical contacts to be out of alignment.

Up/down, side to side play would affect focus and projection of the image onto the image sensor.
A tiny bit of play in a mount is not unusual and simply reflects small differences in the manufacture tolerances. If its a very small amount chances are it shouldn't have any impact on your camera or lens at all, once you're moving a few mm or more then yes its something to take more seriously as that could easily move things out of alignment or be the hallmark of an approaching greater problem.

I've got a little play on some of my setups (I think a teleconveter or an extension tube) and never had any problems what so ever with them.
Thanks for that, it's just a tiny bit of rotation, the lock is still solid and it's no-where near enough to disrupt the contacts. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't something broken.

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