Playing around with my new baby. Nikon 24-70


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Oct 22, 2011
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Incirlik Air Base, Adana Turkey (thank you Air For
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I just got my new lens in finally and I really love it. I thought it was going to snap right off my camera when I mounted it the first time, it's pretty darn big compared to my 50. However, I was having a little trouble getting my photos sharp in studio. I will admit I was pretty shaky when attempting off the tripod shots.

Here is a photo taken while my son was playing outside. I over sharpened it a bit, purely for web showcasing purposes.

DSC_3438_edited-4 by Lily Belle Photos, on Flickr

And here is one I tried in studio. This is my son's "are you kidding me" face.

DSC_3561_edited-2 by Lily Belle Photos, on Flickr

I think my trouble with the softness on my studio portraits is the fact that there was too little light. I only used the modeling lamp on my Alienbee. Could that be a reason why they were coming out a little soft? Could I leave a lamp on (to get more light and allow my camera to AF correctly) without ruining the pictures? Any tips and tricks would be appreciated.
No exif data.. how did you shoot these? Are these examples of the softness you are speaking of, above?

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