Playing with Light

This is a good start at "light painting". When I look at abstract compositions I ignore the thing that it is, and try to consider things such as balance, form, texture, etc. Unfortunately, this composition isn't well balanced, and some of the light trails in the center are way overexposed, which has the effect of overpowering the middle. another problem is that some of the light trails are cropped at the edges, which can sometimes work, but there are just too many going off the frame for that to work well. Good mix of colors.
Not much that needs to be added to Designer's comments...he's summarized the main areas that make this shot less than stellar.It is a good start, yes, agreed. And yes, the over-exposure hurts, quite a bit. It's often quite surprising just how bright close-range lighted devices (fireworks, flashlights, tiki torches, etc) can be when allowed to register in a timed exposure...the ISO level and the lens f/stop play huge parts in just how the lighted objects are rendered. Many people are surprised that they tend to OVER-expose fireworks shows, for example, by using too high an ISO, and too wide an f/stop.

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