Playing with rented 80-200 f2.8 C&C


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Oct 25, 2006
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This was fun. It cost me like $60 but it was worth it. It's a great lens crystal clear down to f2.8. I know I probably should have come off 2.8 a little but I didn't I really wanted to the shutter speed because without the VR it was hard for me to hold it still enough. It was a fun experiment and I plan to rent more lenses in the future! Here's my best shot of my daughter.

It was taken out front of my house at about 7:30pm in front of a big tree. Originally I was going to use our house as a background but it's a light color and I thought it would distract from the subject. I used my LP160 strobe zip-tied to the end of a 4' level, with a little 4" softbox on it, at 1/8 or 1/16 power, can't remember. The 4' level was resting on my hip at about a 45 degree angle camera left.

1/125 shutter, f2.8 iso 400, 120mm focal length, 180mm 35mm equiv.

You know if you're using flash you don't need VR. It freezes the motion so you don't have to shoot at 2.8. If you were only using natural light I see why but flash you're fine. GL

The AF 80-200 mm f/2.8D is one of my favorite lenses for portraiture.

If you think it was nicely sharp at f/2.8, it is even sharper at f/5.6 to f/16.
I suppose I could have gone past ISO 400 to get that aperture. I still have it for this afternoon so maybe I'll give it a try. For some reason my pics came out kind of grainy. I had to up the noise reduction in PP. Perhaps that's because the might have been a little underexposed?
Unless youre running with the lens, you should be able to go to about 1/125 or slower with the lens if you have the flash on. I have no problems shooting this way with my Sigma 105mm macro when shooting in darkness and using it as a short telephoto lens. Try it out. The flash really does help a lot. You could bring your ISO down to 200 probably also and bring the flash to about 1/4 power. Try out everything, even if you dont think it will work. Its worth a shot while you have the lens, right? :wink:

I like this picture alot. Very good color. I like your creative use of flash too.
This is a very nice image. Glass like that is addicting. I have a 70-200 and am always looking for a reason to shoot with it.
I have some more pics that I took at around f4.5 it really is super sharp as you start closing the aperture. I'll be posting them soon. I'd love to own it or the 70-200

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