please dont laugh...



I was just messin around with a stupid little digital i bought...


... i'm not laughing - i like it!

Suggestion: flip the image horizontally and have another look

You might prefer it that way - the eye is then led "into" the image and can rest more easily

As it is, the eye might tend to fall off the dark area on the right

Nice shot!


Why would we laugh?
Thats a gorgeous photograph. :)
I love pictures of instruments.
I just finsihed a roll of B & W and had planned on taking some more of my guitar but forgot lol
I agree with e_. I find the large black area on the right to be kinda distracting. But I think it's a nice pic, with some great tones (visual and musical, I assume :lol: ) I like the juxtaposition of the two diagonals, it makes for a good balance.
i really like the photo, even the dark space.. i find it interesting
:D No reason to laugh, it is a great photograph........any one can use a camera, it takes someone special to see the light[/quote]
man i swear i dont think there could be nicer people on here!! orie, thanks for the criticism! oh and tyler, nice shot buddy!


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