Please help.. D90 or D300 or ?


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Oct 25, 2015
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Hello all,
I've always wanted to get into photography and am trying to get into it now but need advice on a camera. I think I've narrowed it down to a D90 or a D300 but am not sure what is the better camera.
I have read in to both and have had conflicting info. Some saying the D90 is junk and and others say the d300 is junk so I just don't know what to believe. If anyone has or have used both of these please let me know what you think.
I know these are the cheaper end for dslr but im going to have to find a lot of stuff to sell just to be able to get enough money to buy a used one or the other.
Thanks for your help.
Both are great, d300 is tougher with more controls,better autofocus, faster and heavier with weather sealing, the d90 has slightly better image quality according to charts, so whether you'd see this in photos is debatable.

It sounds like the d300 is better, but only if you need it's spec, the d90 is a very good camera.

Is your budget only allowing these, there are newer cameras with better specs now that may also be available used
Tough call. The D300 is "built" to a higher standard, and has nicer features, the D90 is lighter and has a slightly better image sensor in it. It's a toss-up I think for casual use. In good light and with very careful shooting discipline, both can still make very nice photos. I think if you're going to go with an older camera like this, the D300 is the better "machine", but again, the D90 is pretty close. This is not a Model T Ford versus 2015 Dodge Challenger type's a 1967 Mustang and a 1967 Camaro...
I am definitely budget tight. A few years back I got in a bad car accident (my fault) and shattered my right elbow and can barely use it so actually finding a job that I can do to get paid can be difficult not to mention they wont give me disability, probably because im only 32. So all that and the cost of my medicine im left with hardly any money.
Well if there are newer dslr's around $500 or so I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks for the reply's all. I really appreciate it.
Thanks for the reply KmH. Wish I had one right now. There is a really nice Moondog. It's very pronounced right now too.
How are the D300 for astronomy? Or is that mainly in the type of lenses?
Thanks again.
If you're looking at a budget of around $500 I would recommend a nice used D7000. The D300/300s is a very nice camera, but the D7000 came out shortly before the D300 was discontinued. It has a much better sensor and is significantly better in low light. When I bought my D7000 I had the choice between it and the D300. I chose the D7000 as it had nearly all the capabilities of the D300 with the better sensor.

Used D7000's can be had for around $400. One member here just recently picked up one used for $380.
I'd Also think the d7000 may be a good choice if you get a well cared for model. The d300 is old now, I don't even mean old technology but just old. Maybe it could last 20 yrs?

The d7000 is an upgrade to the d90 but is like a halfway house between the d90 and 300. It has a better sensor than both and weather sealed better than d90.

If you look at some astrology stuff on Flickr a lot of people get nice results with the tokina 11-16 f2.8. I'm sure there are other lenses but that's worth a look
As a side note the d7000/d90 should be easier to carry if you have an injury
Both of those look very nice. I couldn't tell if either are weather sealed or not. I'll definitely need something weather sealed. Seems like everything I have gets damp.
Dao...Love the sugar gliders in your avatar, I used to have a couple
The d5300 are they fairly new? Seems like most others around that price point are between 10-12 mp. I always thought it was weird that a new $100 point and click camera had much higher mp's than some of the dlsr's but the dslr's always have a much better picture.
Nikon has so many different kinds of D---- I don't know whats what and whats new or old.
Thanks for all your reply's everyone.
If you look at some astrology stuff on Flickr a lot of people get nice results with the tokina 11-16 f2.8. I'm sure there are other lenses but that's worth a look

ASTRONOMY please, not "astrology".

Thank you.
Don't get to bogged down. There's a bunch of helpful people here who will help if your stuck.

The d5200 and 5300 are both 24mp without weather seals. The d7000 is 16mp with a certain amount of weather sealing but to be weather sealed the lens also has to be.

Generally sensors with higher mp don't perform as good as ones with less (if the technology is of similar timeframe). Sony managed t make 24mp sensors as good if not better than there 16mp ones and Nikon use them. All models mentioned are great imaging tools
Its a comparison based on number specs. In reality the image quality of the two are very close, but the d7000 is a better built more customizable camera, but in absolute image terms the d5300 is probably better. Would you see it in day to day photographs, I'd doubt it.

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