Please help me again Please questions about lighting kits


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Jan 28, 2009
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I just wanted to know if this kit is good enough for me to shoot clothes.
All I am doing is shooting clothes from a above angle with a horizontal tripod. I really want to get correct and great lighting for it.

I didnt want to go the DIY way because I figured I might use this kit for other uses later one.
If you have any other good kits instead of this one please let me know.

INT114 Interfit Photographic Continuous Output 1000 Watt Photo Flood Light Kit, with 2 SXT3200 Heads (2x500w), with Lamps, Stands, Umbrellas, Bag, & More
I don't know much of anything about shooting clothes (by themselves) but if you are on a tripod, then continuous lighting like this should work just fine. I would assume you want fairly flat lighting, which you should be able to achieve with a two light kit.

I don't think this would be a great kit if you want to shoot people so take that into consideration.
Yes I just basically want to shoot items laying flat on the ground. If I wanted to shoot the clothes hanging up it should still be okay right?
Yes, I would think so. My only concern is that those light might not give you enough light to get fast enough shutter speeds for shooting hand held or shooting people. But if you are shooting inanimate objects with a tripod, then it's not an issue.

I'm sure the key for you will be getting accurate colors, so be sure to use lights that are consistent and don't mix types.

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