Please help with identifying vintage cameras!


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Jan 29, 2012
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Hi there, i recently scored a bunch of old cameras from my grandparents, unfortunatly i know basically nothing about analog cameras! I was wondering if someone could tell me as much as they can, there vaule would also be awesome because i'm looking to sell. Thanks! :D

so uploading photos, is failing, but if you want to have a look i can email you photos.

so hears what i got:

Cosina Hi Lite EC with two lenses - Aps auto teleplus 2x and 3x
looks to be in working condition with orginal leather case

Praktica 35mm One Lens mirror reflex camera + accessions (flash thingy) and orginal case

Praktica PL nova 1B

Kopil IA electric eye 8 video camera, working conditon, with original leather case

Polaroid "the Button"

i have also got a bunch a lenses:

Komura f=200mm 1:3.5

Asahi Pentax super-tukumar 1:35/28

Tokina wide-auto 1:3.5 f=28mm

Tokina auto-zoom 1:3.5 f=55mm - 135mm

Tokina tele auto 1:3.5 f=200mm

All the lenses look to be in awesome conditon with cases.

So if anyone can tell me anything that would be awesome, again i am wonderfully ignorant of technical terms so please dumb it down!
its all for sale! my problem is i have no idea what it is worth, and you know i kind of don't want to get ripped off.
LOL. I'll give you $5.62!


Get a price and let me know. Ok?
sure thing, i'll get back to you

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