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Third Eye

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May 31, 2003
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Anaheim, CA
Im doing everything exactly like it says on the sticky post on how to post pictures, but it wont work!! I've tryed using SnapFish and PBase and it just dosnt work.

dont know if it the host or the file name maybe, but if I copy the url and see the picture, then return to this thread I see your picture. course once I clear my cache I dont see it anymore.
Third Eye said:
Thats really weird. I cant see the picture right now. But you guys can see it and it'll stay there?

I only see it if I copy the url into another browser window and then refresh this thread.
yes, i see it also if you copy the url into address bar. nice pic.

ps... where did you get the name "third eye" just wondering...
I got "Third Eye" from Tool. Its one of their songs I like alot. And it can be metiforical for the perseption of images in a compleatly different way than what we're use to...............and stuff.
that is where i thought you may have gottin it. I just listend to that song today... one one my favs as well.

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