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Jan 16, 2008
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Hi all
I am new. I am having a question to ask, may be chilly question.

what I wanted to know is "any lens can be used in any camera?"

may be this will explain....

for audio, movie cassesttes, dvd, cd, dimenstions are universal, so we can use any audio cassettes to any audio player, any dvd disc to any dvd player... like this can we use lenses to any camera?

rationale behind this is, I was using pentax film camera for long time, I have pentax lenses telescopic, wide angle....Now I wanted to switch over to digital SLR camera. I am thinking saving money for lenses.

Any help.....


You can use your Pentax lenses with a Pentax DSLR.

But you cant use then on Nikon or Canon.
yeah, OR, you can buy a mount adapter, wich would enable you to use a pentax lens on another brand's mount but i believe that causes more problems than it does good. so if you want to keep your lenses, buy a pentax
That's correct. Your Pentax lenses will fit onto a Pentax camera...but not another brand.
I’ll go according to the responses you have got till now. A Pentax lense can only be used on a Pentax camera. It can’t be used on any other brands.

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If I can use the lenses that can fit for pentax what used for pentax film camera can be used for pentax DSLR isn't?

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