Please, some help setting up my lighting list..

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    I'm very new to photography and I'm checking good info on links that forum members recommended me.

    I have a budget/prioritizing problem creating my Lighting equipment shopping list.

    First, my intention is to learn photography as an aditional option to our Webdesign service for my current customers, not as my main proffession.
    Objective: Being able to shoot On Site business, corporate and work style photos and portraits to companies and personnel(our customers) so they can use it on their web site or company profile presentations.

    I don't have too much time, I needed to start working and practice since days a go, but I have to be sure I'm buying the right equipment. Not the brand necessarely, but the type of product.

    So, I already purchased:
    Nikon D80
    SB600 Speedlight flash
    and a tripod.

    I then checked that having and off camera Flash as a light source is the first step to taking good quality photos...

    Then, after researching more I concluded I needed some tools to manipulate the light.
    My shopping cart is currently:
    1 Umbrella
    1 Flash Stand
    1 Multi-Clamp
    1 Omni bouncer diffuser

    1 Round multi-face reflector
    1 Reflector holder
    1 Reflector stand

    1 Remote camera trigger

    But.., then I tought that just one Flash, a reflector and natural light will get me like classic "Real Estate Agent" type of photos, and I don't want to get just there. I want to be able to have some more light agressive and versatil photos, some blue tones, sporty night look, etc.
    Photos that are shown on Magazine covers.

    So it seems I'm gonna need more than One Flash??
    And if so, I guess I'll need to add another SB600 Flash, 1 flash stand, a mount clamp, umbrella, light difusser??

    That adds like 350usd..., and our Peso has devaluated 50%.., so 350usd is acually 525usd for me.

    Then I have the strange idea that...
    is it true that my SB600 is not going to shoot if my camera is not on its sight????
    If so.., then how am I going to put wirelessly my SB6000 as a background light??? if is not going to be triggered.
    Am I going to need those remote radio interconectors to SB600???

    Please considere that I also have 3 o 4 more gadgets on the shopping list for other purposes(Nikkor 10.5, panoramic head, tripod and its head). Just this has a total of so far 880.00USD, the first list is not included

    So, in order to take cover magazine level photos what would you suggest to narrow on the first list, I mean, just the aditional Flash is 200usd.

    Do I really need another flash??
    Couldn't I buy some continuos lights bulbs at the hardware store, would it work the same??.
    Isn't there a cheaper Nikon compatible Flash that I could use wirelessly?

    Can we discard the reflector maybe?, considering if an aditional flash is purchased, with diffuser or umbrella. to have 2 flashes in total.

    What would you delete from the list or what would yo add?
    What could I buy and waht could I hold to see for a homemade solutioins etc. in order to take pictures like this:

    Thank you

    Jorge Garza


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