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Feb 10, 2012
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Hello all,

I'm in the process of buying the Pocketwizard Plus II remotes, but I wanted to know if I will lose TTL with my hot shoe mounted flash. I know the off camera flash can only be set to manual mode but what about the camera mounted one?

Example: I'm shooting a wedding. I have a flash mounted on my camera with a pocketwizard wired to it. Lets say, I velcro it to the flash. My second flash will be off camera on a light stand in the corner also with a pocket wizard. I want to be able to light my bride up close but I also want a light source coming for afar to light the room or perhaps add a hair light.

Is is possible to use TTL mode with the flash on the camera and the off camera flash set to manual? Or, must the two flashes be in manual mode only for it to work? BTW, I have a canon 5DII, and two 580EXIIs. Thanks in advance for any info.
The off camera one would be Manual Only( although The 580EX II Does have an Auto Flash mode Bulit in (Thyistor type) but it is not TTL ) Litlle known fact

On Camera in the shoe will/can be TTL

If you really want TTL for both flashes why not just get the Flex / Mini Pocket wizards? They are just a little more
I shoot with manual settings on my flashes. However, those situations like during the wedding receptions, it's really hard for me to have to keep changing the light settings. I figure, it'll be easier to shoot with TTL to keep up with the pace of the wedding. Thanks for the reply. I will get the Plus II. It's a little cheaper.

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