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Feb 26, 2012
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Midwest, USA
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I've been going through a bunch of my old photos and playing around with them. What do you think of this one? I'm not sure I like it. It isn't bad but I'm not sure it's good either.
I agree. Color or monotone, pick one!
I really like the muted tones myself. Reminds me of drawings in old books, if you you know what I am trying to say.
What bothers me, and really comands my eye, is the bright blade of grass on his shoulder.
I also like the muted colors as well, it's an unusual technique that could provide some interest to a normally marginally interesting photo. Permission to do a quick edit on it, Kait?
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Colour, monotone, halfway.... either way it looks flat. Try a curves adjustment.
Natalie yes you may do an edit. Please don't sell the work and give credit if you use it elsewhere.
Thanks! You don't need to worry about that, I'm just posting it here and only here once as an example. It's not too much of an improvement, I just quickly removed the rope, since it detracted from the natural feel the image has. Then I cropped the photo into a square, which felt the best since the chimp's head is centered and there really isn't anyway to get around that with the original version posted.


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