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Dec 14, 2007
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Happy new year to everyone. I am in need of advice on how to best transfer my images to disc. First of all I work in film and tradtional wet darkroom techniques, including alternative methods. Most galleries and exhibitons ask for your porfolio to be presented on disc. I have several problems associated with this that I would appreciate feedback on them.
Most all of my prints are 11x14 or larger. This makes scaning them difficult, in fact they will not fit on my flatbed scanner. Also my work does not scan very well. The toned prints and lith prints do not show up well when scaned. In other words they do not show the full range of values, textures, detail , and subtleties in color that is exhibited in the prints. Traditional zone system photographs do scan quite well, but the bulk of my other work does not. Of course I want a true representaion of my work ,It is hard enough to get accepted without working with a handycap. Needless to say I am more comfortable in the darkroom than I am on a computer. Any suggeations would be appreciated.
I am not certain if this is the best forum, but I thought I would give it a shot.
Thanks Bill
Bill: some of our film users are quite knowledgable about these exact challenges, so I moved your thread here to get you a different audience - and hopefully, some answers that can help you.
In all honesty, I believe your only recourse, if you have a lot of work to deal with, aside from paying a pro lab with a large format scanner to scan the prints, is to scan the negs and mimic the print w/ digital post-processing.

One other option, if there are specific images you need digitized for gallery submission, would be to do some copy-work with a digital camera, either yourself or have a lab do it.
Thanks for the tips. I did find a custom lab that can scan my stuff and put it on disc. The price isnt bad a 5.00 per image for hi res. Bill

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