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May 31, 2010
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I've had lots of fun with my camera over the past 4 months, but haven't gotten much of a chance to shoot people. So, today I convinced a friend to let me take some photos. Could you give me some thoughts on what works and what I could do better? Thanks!



3. Ok, we were pretty much just fooling around with this one:
1. Looks underexposed a bit. The colors clash like polkadots and stripes imo.

2. Seems like a little too much magenta in the skin tone, focus is ok, but I can't say I like the rim of her glasses right through her eyes.

4. I dunno, doesnt look comfortable, about all I can say!
Thanks for the feedback!

Regarding the mismatched colors, that was her choice-actually much tamer than what she normally wears!

I'll look at the coloring of #2 again, and I never even noticed the glasses through her eye-that's helpful.

And #3 is totally uncomfortable and overprocessed (somewhat intentionally), but I have no idea why I posted it on here. I don't actually need real critique on that one. Probably shouldn't post photos so late at night.
#1 - Having both shoulders rolling forward gives a sense of stand-off-ishness from the subject. Having one shoulder (left in this case) slightly raised and the head tilted on the higher side (feminie position) would create a more appealing line.

#2 - The main light is a bit harsh causing deep shadows with little detail on the opposite side. I see the excess of magenta in the skin tone as well. Traditionally, portraits focus on the eyes of the subject. By having the eyes obstructed with the frames of the eyewear, there is a certain disconnect.

#3 - Odd, buit not necessarily in a bad way. A bit more detail of hair on the right edge of the frame may be of a benefit. Also, some fill light too. I like the lines you've created, just wish the wall wasn't in such focus. Possibly too much contrast. Any chance of less foreground?

Not bad at all. Just a few comments via my eyesight.
Thanks for the posing advice-I know nothing about how to pose people.

In all 3 the lighting is just from the sun that was available at that moment. I don't have any off-camera flashes. But it's helpful knowing how i would need to change the lighting to get a better photo.
Would this be better with less contrast and less foreground on #3?


And a little less magenta on #2?

Otften it's a matter of seeing the light from a different set of eyes. It is often much easier to see the deficits from others photos than our own. Study the light, see the light, be the light.

You're off to a good start. Tweak what is necessary.
#1 seems a bit... off to me. But I see definite potential there...

That big chair is distracting me from the subject...

Its a good idea though and I like the composition for the most part... (if the chair were smaller or not so dominant...).

Also I agree that it is a bit over-exposed. And the colors aren't agreeing with my eyes. Maybe this would be a good candidate for the B&W treatment?
Black and white is an interesting option. Not sure what I think of it though. Is her face maybe a bit too washed out? Is there a way I can fix that?

How did you do that? When I increased the contrast (using the contrast sliders in photoshop), all it seemed to do was turn her face dark.
First, I did an Auto White Balance and an Auto Color Enhance. Then, I converted it to B&W using the grey-scale conversion tool (I did not attempt to desaturate it). Lastly, I added a bit of contrast...

Also, I use Gimp and not Photoshop... Perhaps they do things slightly differently.

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