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Nov 7, 2009
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New York, NY
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working with a friend-

I'm a newbie and have no idea so feel free to ignore me, but there seems to be too much space above her head to me?
Why do you keep doing that, Koffman? Soooo much space at the top.
way too much space over her head.
space above = perfect 8x10 crop. :)
But they are right, tighten up a bit but do leave a bit room in case she'd want to get 8x10 print
8x10 makes sense. Why not post a "final" image for crit, then?
of course it makes sense, that's why I said it :)
are you asking me about final cut or kofman?
my answer s that I usual shoot w/ 8x10 in myd and oly crop for print.
Focus seems fine, lighting I understand what you're doing here. Colors seem off (little cold or something), plus I think I see some CA down by her skirt.
On a laptop but her hair seems to be completely black and no detail to the right of her head. Im not sure if im diggin the emotion or her expression or her clothes. I see some in her face but nothing else. Not really sure what to think.
I'm not sure how I feel about that tiny sliver you left on the left side. I'm new to photography, so take this with a grain of salt, haha.

I think it's too small to distinguish what it is which makes it distracting. Maybe crop it out? Or maybe add a little extra so it's not so distracting.

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