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Mar 10, 2007
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Here are a few more from this last weekend's trip over to Bahrain and my wander round the back streets of Manama, to go with the Taxi Driver. A more cooperative bunch you could not wish to find.

#1 - All That Glisters

#2 - Me and Two Veg

#3 - Tour De Manama

#4 - The Baker

#5 - The Three Musketeers
Your pictures are amazing! As always. I'd love to hear what kind of camera/lenses/equipment you carry around in your bag!
These are sooo good. I wonder how they can only have got ONE comment so far???
That baker looks like he's about the happiest person on earth. What a smile from him! :D
The man who's doing the "Tour de Manama" - he didn't really pose for you, did he? You captured him in going past, and he must have gone by you thinking "Now what the heck was this?" ;)

I like them all, chosen DOF is perfect with every single one of them - like when you photographed the Three Musketeers, the background did not provide any necessary context, so it went blurred, while in All That Glistens, it is important to see who and where they are, so ... well, they were to close to the background to blur it, anyway. I know...

But what I mean to say is how well you saw when the portrait required the context, and when it didn't! :D

almost every indian or pakistani in bahrain has to have a bike like this :p

how long did you stay in bahrain? did you got bored?

i think you can visit everywhere in bahrain in just 3 days ( literally ), so more than 3 days will be boring "i think"
It's always just a weekend away from Riyadh - drive over on Wednesday afternoon, drive back on Friday afternoon, feel exhausted for the rest of the week. I really enjoyed wandering round the back streets behind the Bab Al Bahrain, and was amazed at how friendly they all were. With the exception of the cyclist, everyone photographed was more than happy to pose and in at least three cases made it their business to get photographed (Glisters, 3Ms & the Taxi driver). Nowhere else could I imagine that happening.

As far as the camera goes, up until a few weeks ago, it would have been the Canon 350D with the 17-55mm f/2.8 IS on it. I actually reckon (at this resolution) I'd have got pictures just as good as the 5D MkII/24-70mm f/2.8L that I took these with. This is the first real test I've given the new gear and I'm just starting to see where I'll have to adjust - shallower DoF at a given aperture, no IS on the 24-70, HUGE file sizes. But I'm sure I'll adapt to suit.

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