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Apr 28, 2007
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southern california
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Well this is my first time Ive really tried to take a lot of portraits of the same person. Just got done with a portrait assignment for my photo class, just curious what you guys think about these 2 that I came out with:



That second one seemed to get a little grainy when I uploaded to photobucket.:thumbdown: Oh well it wasnt there in the print.
I like the first one better, but I'm not sure if I like the fact that the mouth is omitted. I know you did it on purpose, but it might be better if you crop off the bits of the upper lip appearing in the picture.

I like the processing of the second shot, but ambivalent toward the crop.
Now that I think about it the whole photoshoot I never even tried taking the same picture with his mouth showing, kind of wish I did now.:p
Oh well.
The first is pretty rocking. Great light, you bring out his features well.

Ballsy move cutting at the mouth. I think it works here.
I miss his mouth, no doubt. I'm with The Phototron here ... I kept waiting for the photo to fully load, and it wouldn't ... it ended there. Left me wanting some more!

Of the two, I definitely like the second better, very dynamic, cool shadows, lots of texture, and I even like the composition (dead space all over and his face in the lower corner), but I still miss his mouth.
I think they are both good. I actually like not being able to see his mouth.
Haha thanks for all the comments. :)
Maybe sometime I'll get around to retaking it with him and get his mouth in the shot. ;)
Well, if nobody else is gonna say it, I will. In #1, the skin looks orange except where it looks grey. The main light source in coming from bottom right to top left and is hitting the underside of his nose, left cheek and eye pretty hard causing the shadows as they are. IMO, not the most flattering way to light a face.

He is obviously meditating and in a tranquil state of being, even if preparing for battle. Those shadows offer a menacing and perplexed mind. I don't think he's going to wax off.

I think the crops need more or they need less.

It is a good effort, just something to consider next time.
Thanks for the advice. :)
Any advice on what lighting setup would have been better?
Lighting both sides of his face? Or coming from above shining down?
I asked for advice on lighting for portraits not too long ago and this is the response I got. It may not get the effect you are after, but it might be a starting point.

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