Portraiture assignment for school.


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May 14, 2007
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Denver, Colorado
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I took the digital along while I shot a few rolls for school. I developed them today, and I cant wait to make prints. :thumbup: ( Film is not dead, just cost more than it used to...:greenpbl: )

Anyways here they are.

1. On this one i used a strobe and a softbox to equalise the sun

2. bounce flash off of the ceiling of the barn.

3. Didn't have time to set up the strobe on this one, not enough space between cars. :)

4. A little bored maybe?

Then yesterday I shot a few more rolls with another beautiful lady in downtown Denver.... it was a little chilly. ;)

Used all natural light for these next ones.

5. ( this one was an impromptu snapshot. )



Maybe you could number these for us? That would help...

I like #1, but I think that it would be better in a green field, with the subject wearing something other than green. I think that her hair blends in too much with the brown field.

#2 is nice, but the shaft of light is distracting.

#3 is neat, and it looks great, but I would have the background shadowed, instead of the shafts of light.

#4...I don't really have anything to comment about. It's nice, but not great.

I like her expression in #5, but the background is visually distracting.


#7 is neat, but her hair once again blends in too much with the background. A different colored building would be nice.

#8 is nice, but I would edit out that yellow newspaper stand (or whatever it is) to make it less distracting.

Nice shots!
I love number 8!! It's my favorite!
Great work Scott!

However, I think they all need a little more contrast and color to make them pop. What I do is make a selection around everything but the face and hands (wherever you dont want the skin tone to change), and do an overall saturation boost. Then I would run a bit of USM on these as well to sharpen them up.

Also, some of these would look great as black and whites. But if you do that, be sure to adjust the shadows and highlights and watch out for too much middle gray. :)

Keep up the good work!

#8 is my favorite as well. and i agree with NJman about that contrast and such, great photos though
Thanks for the tips NJ! I will try that.

I really can't wait until I start to make prints. I made contact sheets for them today, and the film ones look awesome! Once I get some prints made ill post them up. :)
The hair does blend in a bit in the first one, but I have an easier solution. Drop to your knees. Then the hair will have a blue background, and the subject will have more separation from the environment.

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