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Dec 27, 2007
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Milton, ON
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I am just curious to know how many posts I need in order to be able to vote/ participate fully in the forum.

I can't seem to find that info anywhere.

You can participate in the Forum discussions right now but if you want to post photos you'll need to subscribe. All that being said, welcome aboard.
I think it's 25 posts to vote in the competition...other than can do anything you want within the rules.
I've read a massive amount of material and learned a lot on this site already. I'm sure I'll be around for a while, but I'll probably give it a couple weeks before I subscribe. I have no problem contributing to such a great site.
Thanks for the welcome.
No, you can post pictures without being a subscriber, you just can't upload them through TPF and host them on TPF.

You can post pictures, you just have to host them with a 3rd party subscriber.

There is a tutorial on how to do that on the top of this introduction forum.

Welcome aboard.
I also understood you needed 25 posts in order to be able to vote. Now that you've reached 26 posts, why not give it a try? [Perhaps you'd like to weigh in on the crucial poll on whether Alex_B should be given some cheese?]
at what point do my post counts reflect that I am already addicted to this forum? haha

ahhh, I think this answers your question...



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