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Power Line


A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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I just spent forever sorting and editing (my goodness ...do yourself a favour and don't let it pile up!! ) and after all is said and done this one still stands out to me.

I love the colours and textures and for once I don't mind my crop!
C&C always welcome :)

Beauty in Everyday Things
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I suppose if one were into glass insulators it might be something cool. For me the subject holds no interest, the sky is saturated waayyy too blue and bleeds into the shadow areas of the pole and the ceramic insulator on the left.
Hey Tony, thanks fro taking a look :)

Ok lesson two... If you are editing and sorting for hours wait till the next day so you can double check details before you post ;)

I can appreciate where you are coming from on the subject of the shot.

I can't say I have a thing about insulators, although a quick look around my house may say otherwise lol. We inherited some insulators from our grandfather who was a linesman ;)

I do have a thing for glass though. That is what caught my eye and I enjoyed the other elements, the twist of the wire, the rusty brackets, the ceramic, wood, flat sky .... And how it all sits together.

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