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Aug 23, 2010
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Cape Town
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I have been looking at these and other similar power lines in our area for a long time. They always seem to me to make such stark, beautiful images. I finally stopped to take a few photos. I think I need to go back and take more from different angles, but I just love these giants.

Unfortunately the towers themselves are on private property.


Please do give your CC thoughts!
Keep them in mind - and go back when the sky and the light is more "on your side". The blown out area in the middle does take away from this particular image - but I see potential here. Often, people mind the power lines and try to avoid them, but also I think that sometimes you just have to make them your subject! (Old_thread_of_mine ).
I agree with lafoto. I like the shapes that are formes by the towers and the lines.
But the shot would definitly be better if the aun was behind you.
I do still like it though.
Same. I like the repetition of the silhouetted shapes, but the CA, blown out sky, and cluttered ground bothers me.
I love it. I agree with the others but its still a great photo but I may be biased here because my husband is a manager for a company that does digital maps of power lines. I had actually planned to go out and take some images of them for him.. thanks for reminding me!

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