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Jul 19, 2007
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It seems that Santa is going to be upgrading my point & shoot camera. Hopes of ever being able to afford a DSLR were squelched months ago, but I will be getting a Canon Powershot A560 for Christmas. :)

Question #1 - in searching e-bay, my husband found several lens accessory kits [telephoto, macro & filters] that claim they can be used on the A560 fixed lens. However when I looked online for info regarding these kits the only thing I came across was a joint review for the A560 & A570is. This place claims the A570is is the only camera that can use the lens accessories, but all the ads on e-bay claim they fit A540, A550, A560 & A570! So who is right? Could I use them on the A560 or not?

Question #2 - In reading the lens accessory descriptions it speaks of an adhesive magnetic ring as being what holds the accessory onto the camera lens. Will an adhesive ring interfere with the lens retracting back into the camera when its turned off? And what about Magnets and digital media? :confused: Is that likely to cause a problem with the memory card or camera components?

Has anyone had any experience with these items? I'd really appreciate some input. Thanks.
I don't have a A560, my P&S is a A710 IS, and I don't know if they are similar to accessory mounting

If you know you are getting this exact model, one thing you can do is download the user manuals from the Canon USA website and you can see how the lens attachments are done there... also, you can get a head start on learning the various features of your new camera.
Thanks I'll check out the manual. It will be the A560 I'm getting, I was looking at the A570is, but even the deals on ebay are a bit out of our price range.

Thanks again.
I wouldn't recommend those lens accesories anyway. Just stick with the camera and it's built-in lens.
Thanks Mike. I've been looking around online all day, and I was really beginning to doubt the practicality of the lens add on's - if for no other reason the "adhesive magnetic ring". I don't think I like the idea of permanently fixing something like that to the camera lens.

Thanks again.

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