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    Unique Image hosting / captioning website that lets you add captions and clip art to your images with an interface
    This site is very popular with the social networking community and works with such sites as myspace hi5 bebo and friendster and is great for ebay.
    Also captioned images can work with most forums : vbulletin and phpbb
    Great for item descriptions on Ebay
    45 different clip art items you can add to your images : wacky eyes, mustaches, glasses, wigs etc.


    User forums
    Premade image gallery for comments
    Links Page
    Flickr search


    With you can quickly and easily add bubble captions to your photos and images. Simply upload your image or paste in the location of your image, drag and drop some objects on your photo, enter some text and you're good to go. We even host your image for you. This is perfect for online family albums, myspace, friendster or wherever you decide to share your images. Bring your images to life, dont leave your viewers guessing! A picture may say a million words, but a captionbubble image will say whatever you want it to.

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