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Oct 3, 2011
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My friend Abe who is 16 has been trying to get his life back on track but last night he made a turn for the worse and went out partying with the wrong friends and got super drunk and is now in the hospital with alcohol poisoning and is unresponsive. We do not know much about what is happening right now.

Please be praying for him that he would wake up and would be okay and for his family, this is very hard on them!

I did just hear that he is breathing on his own but his stomach is swelling pretty bad!

Thanks everyone : )​
Wow, I hate hearing news like that. Prayers and best wishes for your friend Angela.
Thanks so much it means so much!!

I just found out the he woke up and is doing better but is still really drunk. I heard something about alcohol levels are really high when they are at 1.0 and his were 352

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