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May 6, 2007
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I was just wondering how each of the pro's here present your prints to the client.

I did post this before, but I guess I posted in the wrong category.

Im just talking about regular 8x10 prints, not books, albums, etc.

Say you had a customer that ordered 10 sheets, the sheets have different size combinations on each. Do you do anything specific to be creative and more presentable?
i am currently in the process of re-packaging my prints. right now i present them in decorative folders that i orders from i put all the prints in the largest size folder when possible. i am currently looking for something more 'gift' like... like they are opening a package. for 4x6 proofs or large 4x6 orders they go into a presentation box wrapped with a silver bow.

i would love to hear what others are doing as i would like to repackage with something more 'upscale'.
Say you had a customer that ordered 10 sheets...

Well.... first of all, I don't sell "sheets." If a customer uses that word, I try to gently steer them into using the word "prints." If they persist, I might even joke that I like the Martha Stewart collection as long as it's at least 300 thread count and 100% cotton. I just feel the word "sheet" diminishes what I do. It expresses automation. It sounds as if it's simply a matter of running the printer.

I deliver all prints 8x10 and smaller in folders with imprint. Wallet prints in Lucite boxes. All larger prints are mounted and sprayed, and, with a bit of luck, delivered in the frame I've sold. The smaller prints, in folders, are place into a custom printed bag.


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