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Apr 16, 2008
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I've been meaning to print some of my stuff for display now for a while. What's been holding me back is that i don't know the exact details of what I will tell them to print. I don't know how professional/technical blacks will get with me, but what i want is a full print of my 10.1 megapixel images at their maximum resolution. In terms of DPI and size what should I be asking for? Is there anything i should know about the different types of colours/inks being used to print or is that too advanced for blacks? either way I'd really like to get a discussion going about this so i can be more informed later on going to professional printers.

go and talk to them? If you confuse the hell out of them, then just go to a specialty lab. I'm sure you can find one in the GTA.
Pick your print size first...then size your files for that print size. The typical standard is 300 PPI. So if you want an 8x10, give them a file that is 2400x3000 @ 300 PPI. If you want a 16x20, give them a file that is 4800x6000 (although, that is going to be a large file. it would probably be acceptable to go with something like 240 PPI (3840x4800))

As for the coloring etc. You should be working off of a calibrated that way you know that what you see on your screen is fairly accurate. Then if your prints to not look like you think they should, ask them to reprint.
You may want to ask for 'no color correction' because they are accustomed to printing snapshots and they probably boost the colors.
I tried to calibrate my LCD laptop monitor because that's all i have right now, ive heard you cant really calibrate them or something... As for the format... whats the standard file type youre supposed to give them? would they accept raw files? or would they prefer .tiff?
You can Calibrate a laptop, but you need hardware to do it.
The thing about laptops is that they are rarely in the same light, you move around with them. Whenver the light changes you would need to re-calibrate.

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