printing in Picassa vs LR2 vs PSE 6


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Jul 10, 2008
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first off id like to say that the printing options in LR are much easier and more powerful for me then the other options mentioned however picassa is the most accurate out of the 3, is there anything i can do to get LR2 to stop printing so dark? im using an epson r1900 my monitor was calibrated with an spyder pro 3 and everything is set the same when printing with all 3 programs just the adobe ones print too dark.

any help will be greatly appreciated thanks.
Are you softproofing and letting lightroom manage the colour settings including disabling colour management in the printer driver?

So far Lightroom and Photoshop are the only programs I have gotten correct prints out of.
Ive only had PSE7 for 2 days, and havent ried the printing thing yet. (need color ink)
In picasa, it works very well. The black and white (I was kinda out of balck im not sure if this always happens) sometimes turns out WAAAYY to ontrasty. Leaaving you with 1 shade of black. 1 shade of white. probaly becauseI was out of ink.

But usually when I print pictures, I order them off kodaks website. Also you can use CVS, adorama and many other sites for digital prints. 99% of the time its cheaper to get the prints from a store rather than doing them at home.

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