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Mar 23, 2014
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Akron Ohio
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i have a friend who works at a print shop, its really a blueprint place. he told me he can print my images on foam board, he said i could get nice large prints than your average print lab without loosing image quality.

my question would be, how is a photo print going to look on foam board. i am guessing probably not that great but i could be wrong. what do you all think..
I've ordered a foam print from WHCC and it came out great. It wasn't the type of foam you may commonly think of, but a more compressed board. It allowed float mounting, which definitely made it stand out a bit.

Now granted, I think theres a time and place for everything. Kind of depends on the use, but quality wise, I had no complaints.
The foam board (or gatorboard) is used as a mount.
The print is made on paper (usually a chromogenic print). Then the paper is attached to the foam board, often using a dry mount process in cases where the image will be float mounted or left un-framed on a thick aesthetically pleasing mount board.

Mounting on foam board is often called a Standout.
Most online print labs offer several foam board mounting options.

More about mounting
well i guess he is going to give me some sample prints this weekend so i can check out the different types of stuff the print on and see how they look.
I usually order a foam board backing/substrate for prints over 8x10. It keeps the print from getting wavy over time.

As mentioned, it's usually just a regular print, then it's mounted onto something. Could be foam board, could be card stock, could be Masonite etc. etc.
gonna run and get my print samples here soon. i guess they do all of this here.

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  • Posters
  • Gallery Canvas Wraps
  • Banners – Mesh, Vinyl & Tyvek
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I've tried some of these. The image quality is very nice and price wise it's a fraction of the cost of canvas prints. But I do wonder about their durability?

Here's a picture of one I have around here for those unsure of what the product is.

i just went up three and the prints on regular paper were just ok, they used some odd type of printer for that, its not a ink jet and when the light hits it just right you an see some lines from the printer head, they are nice but they are not really high quality prints, they look great for a buck a print but if i am selling them to people they probably will not cut it for a person who cares about how nice the prints look.

their foam board prints are awesome and they look great they have a special printer for those and it does the job very well.. they ones they had there that were on the walls back where they do the printing had been there for a while and were kind of bent up on the corners. so the durability is probably not that great unless you are pretty careful with them.

they also have a wallpaper type material and those prints look awesome. it peels on and off of the wall as many times as you want, its kind of like one of those window static stickers you can get that peel on and off of glass but its made to stick to your walls.

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