Problem using slide film!


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Jul 7, 2003
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Manchester, England
Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I've been trying out slide film, but so far all three rolls I have used have come out more or less all black. I tried bracketing all the shots but they still come out very dark. Does anyone know why this is? Merci! :oops:
How very odd. Have you tried any other film in between to make sure it isn't a problem with the camera? Perhaps your light meter is malfunctioning? Are you getting images at all or total blackness, perhaps indicating that you have a major light leak? Does the lab you are using know what they are doing and is processing it correctly? ;) (I once tried to get an enlargement of one of my slides. The idiots didn't know how to use the slide and printed it backwards. :roll: ) Hmmm, that's all the issues I can think of right now... Is your film speed set correctly?
Well, I have used print film inbetween and that works well. I can make out a shape or two in some of the slides, but the majority of it is just pitch black. As for ISO I think the camera chooses the setting itseld...good point about processors though, I used the same people for all the films! Might try it with another lab?....

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