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    Hi, a friend of mine just received her D70 as a birthday present, now the problem is that the glass (or is it plastic I dont know) that's inside the body, above the mirror is broken. When you look through the viewfinder you can see it very clearly as it is quite large. Now this problem doesn't affect her pictures as it is above the mirror, but it is still ver annoying for it is a brand new camera!
    The salesman just didn't really want to talk about repairing, an just said he had to check with nikon about the problem and send my friend home with the camera without proposing to send it in.

    I think this is a bit weird, as my friend didn't do anything to damage the body the glass just seemed to be broken the morning after she received her present. (It wasn't there when I bought it)

    Does anyone know about a similar problem, or has anyone an idea how much it would cost to get tis repaired in case it wouldnt be taken on warranty?


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