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Feb 26, 2009
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Hello all:

I made my first post in the welcome center and now I'm looking for some help to my problem. I hope this is the best area to post my question, if not the mods can move it.

I took this new camera with me on vacation and I've taken pictures for a week with no issues. I've transfered them to my laptop to view and all were good. Fast forward to the last couple of days of picture taking and although they displayed on the camera, when I went to transfer the images to the computer using the SD card reader, I get a message " No Preview Available". All the images that won't display are still a couple of Megs in size, so the info is there or it appears to be, so I'm not sure what's going on. I was at the Jimmy Buffett concert here in Maui and none of the pictures I took are viewable unless you look at them on the camera only. :grumpy:

I saved all the images to the computer even though they won't display. I then deleted a couple images from the SD card to see if I could transfer them back, when I tried transfering the images back to the SD card from the computer, the camera says "Read Error" and won't display the images, so I'm at a loss. :er: This morning I thought I'd try again to see what would happen, they displayed as normal on the camera so I placed the images to the laptop through the SD card reader and they came up fine. How can I be sure it's not going to screw up again, as I haven't done anything different that I can think of. :banghead: This camera is pretty basic.

I tried to attach one of these images in the event you know of some way to make them viewable but, it says I can't post attachments. Maybe there's another area on the forum that I can do this that I haven't found yet.

Thanks to those in advance who might offer some insight as to whats going on with this little devil of a camera. It seems to have gremlins in it. LOL :lmao:

Your card crashed. Try a photo recovery software. Recuva is the best.

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