Problem with Nikon battery charger


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Aug 15, 2011
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I have a D7000 and 2 nikon batterys, here is the problem

When I go to charge the batteys it will charge for 10 minutes and then stop....I have to move to a different outlet and play with it and it will charge another 10 min or so.....

It did not do this the first few months I had it,,,only the last 3 times i have needed to charge the batterys.

Do you think Nikon will replace the charger???

I need to call them and see.....was just curious if any others see this as well.

Charger has never been dropped, or gotten wet....

Just weird is all
If the camera is still under warranty then they should be able to replace the charger.
Just called and there gonna send me a return form....7-10 days no charger.....

Better get both batterys full up....

Still under full warranty

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