problem with Nikon N6006

Discussion in 'Film Discussion and Q & A' started by ismael, Jul 16, 2009.

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    I previously posted about a N6006 I just got. A friend gave it to me as it was broken. I fixed the broken door latch, cleaned the lens and managed to get the flash to pop up. I put a fresh battery and I'm testing it. It takes the picture and advances the film. While everything seems to work, after I take a picture the camera goes unresponsive. I need to turn it off and then back on. It works perfectly until another picture is taken. Could this be an indication of excessive battery consumption? Any idea? I'm just tinkering with it as I don't have any intention of putting $$ into it. This is my first and only Nikon so I'm not very familiar with it's "personality". I haven't develop yet the test roll but I think it should be ok.



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