Problem with Tamron 17-50 f/2.8


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Mar 18, 2008
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I bought the lense at the beginning of March from B&H. The auto focus has stopped working twice now, and if I turn the camera off and back on it will work again. Also lastnite I had the flash up to take a photo when I noticed I couldnt change my f-stop, a message popped up saying something about the flash uses TTL and to use a compatible lense.

What could be the problem? Camera is a Nikon D40, the lense has the autofocus motor built in.


Definatly check their return policy. And just to be shure recharge your battery all the way and mabey reset the settings on the camera.

Thanks for saying something bout the battery, it made me look at the charge level. The lcd says full charge but thru the viewfinder it is showing just 1 bar! Could the battery do that? Im going to charge it up and see what happens.
Yea my auto focus and flash some times gets wackey on low battery. And my d50 battery meter isn't always accurate. So hope that helped!
That's a good thing to keep in mind. Hasn't happened to me, but it is good info to know if this ever occurs.

BTW, redtippman--your sig kinda creeps me out.
Ha thanks also a thing to keep in mind I'd to also charge or get new batteries for your external strobe especialy if your using that to help auto focous. And the battery indicator isn't always accurate to just go by one you take around 700 exposures. (ok I'll stop posting.)

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