problem with zoom lens +filters!! help!


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Dec 2, 2010
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Galveston, Tx
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so i have this 45-200mm zoom lens which works perfectly fine, but when i put a polarizing filter or my ND filter on my zoom lens the image becomes blurry i tried zooming in and out and i'll get a clearer image around 100mm but its still messy. are zoom lens not so compatible with filters :S ??
You are probably losing enough light with the filters for the scenes you are shooting that your camera will not auto focus all the time. And are you using a circular polarizer? If not that will really mess up any autofocusing.

A picture or two along wtih the exif info might help diagnose problems further, also more details on what equipment you are using.

Edit - Looks like you are using the Panasonic 45-200 since that's the only lens I see listed in that range. It's pretty slow at f4 and suspect my first thought on losing too much light to keep auto focusing all the time is the issue. How does it do in manual focusing?
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Hmm, is that with AF ... or can you get a clear image with Manual Focus ?

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