Probleme Nikon Nikkor AF S DX VR 16 85 mm

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    Hello, during a travel my bag got open and my D90 and the 16-85 mm falt down, since that i saw that the left side of pictures taken with that lens were blury, i have sent it to be repaired but the problem didnt disappear completly, so i have sent it again and they said there is a optical alignment problem and asked to me to pay again to repair it, so i yelled becouse i already paid before and then they say that finaly there is no problem and they sent me pics to show me it, so i ask your advice, is there any problem on those pics ?

    16mm: 16-8516mm.jpg - Free Image Hosting at TurboImageHost
    50mm: 16-8550mm.jpg - Free Image Hosting at TurboImageHost
    85mm: 16-8585mm.jpg - Free Image Hosting at TurboImageHost
    16mm: DSC_0002leger.jpg - Free Image Hosting at TurboImageHost

    Thanks for your help :)


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