problems from first DSLR test shots


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Aug 2, 2010
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Hope this isnt an incorrect location for this thread. Im unaware if this is due to user error.
....Any ideas whats going on here? These were supposed to be depth of field test shots my wife took. I tested it after her with the same results.
(used Canon 20D, EF 20-35mm USM, ISO 100)

Was the popup flash being used???
no flash. Shots taken on "Manual".
Had further problems yesterday while having her experiment with blatently underexposed shots (shutter beyond -2 stops) producing an "error 02" multiple times. (im guessing unrelated, but figured id mention)
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error 02 seems to have something to do with the process that records the images on the memory card. Most likely unrelated.

Looks to me like you've got a shutter or sensor problem. Time to call Canon.
There might be a market for this sort of thing. at 1/500, it looks like sort of a GND filter. That could come in handy!
Ignore the aperture, just adjust the shutter. Is the problem repeatable? It looks like the picture starts after the rear curtain of the shutter has started closing.

If the problem is repeatable (verify and double check the flash does not fire, since flashes out of sync are the only user / equipment type errors that can actually cause this problem) then send the camera back.

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