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Discussion in 'Critique Forum Archives' started by DKE Photography, Apr 23, 2004.

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    This is fun. I havent had other "real" photographers giving me their info on my pictures since college. Here is another one. I need to shoot A LOT more products for my portfolio. So lets see what you all think of these...

    PS: As soon as I get the smaler pictures linked to the larger images on my site. I'll be sure to send them. The logo on the bag "tilt" is clear in the larger photo if that helps with your citique. :D

    PPS: If anyone knows where I can check out great product photography send me a link.

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    In the first, the bag is the subject, but it's cropped and pretty much right in the middle of the frame. I think if you pulled back a litte it would help. The grey background is a good choice as it sets off the back without being too distracting.

    In the second the use of a wide-angle lens is distracting. The girls head and hands are too small compared to the rest of her body, and the railing is "warped".

    In both, I would like to see more of what the bag is like. It looks like there is a star on it, but I only see half of it.

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