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Jun 22, 2008
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Tuscaloosa, AL
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Thoughts? Local Professional Boxer, Deontay Wilder. He won the bronze this summer in the Olympics. He has his first professional main event next week. Did a bunch of stuff for his webite that we are building as well....

I think you portrayed the mood nicely
The first one sort of looks like he's wearing an old ladies hat.

I get the moody feel you are going for...but it just doesn't seem to fit the expected persona of a pro boxer. I'd prefer to see a lot more lighting...but with an edgy feel to it.
Not necessarily THIS...but something along those lines.
Thanks guys. Mike I agree this shoot was not everything that I wanted.....

I was pretty tiffed, they scheduled this photo shoot and when I got there they told me I had 30 minutes to setup, get the shots and have everything broken down. I totally threw me off my game, I was in such a hurry. I should have told them to just reschedule but we needed some material for the site.

You guys can check it out if you like

You can also look him up on Facebook and become a fan, would help me out too :)

Deontay Wilder | Facebook

I will have more shoots in the future, we are currently working on some products for him to sell on the site and I was thinking about a totally different set up this time around. Probably some high key type stuff. He is really slick in front of the camera, I enjoy shooting him.
I think you did a good job.. I like the 1st picture.. he looks mean, and dark.. good for a boxer. the one's when he is smiling i dont like. boxers dont smile!.. but I like them, and I like the web site.

Deontay is not your typical boxer. He is humble, nice and home grown. He has confidence, not aggogance. He is one in a million and if he is able to climb the ranks, he will bring people back to boxing, there is just something about him. He has a million dollar smile. That is why Everlast and Polo Ralph Lauren jumped all over him....

Check out his Polo Ralph Lauren Spot

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