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Jul 5, 2007
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Good day all:

I would like to start putting some borders around my photos. The program I am using for editing is Microsoft Digital Image Suite which does have a Borders, Frames and Mats option but I can`t seem to find a nice plain black border for example.

Are there any programs or software out there that just create borders and such. I know that CS2 and CS3 probably have something built in to do borders but I can`t justify the cost of the Adobe software although I would love to one day be using Adobe for all my editing.

Thanks all.
irfanview is what i use its a free download​
Hi Jols:
Thanks for the info. I downloaded this irfanview and opened up a picture but I can't figure out where in this program you can select borders?
drop down 'image' then 'canvas size'

then put in what size border you want in the boxes.

try 200 first thats a thick border then work down to the size you like.

this is how i got the hang of it.

hope this helps let me know
I've just done this for myself, I use a freeware program called the Gimp, its just as comprehensive as Photoshop. They have a script built in that allows you to automatically set up borders.

However a simple way to do it yourself, would be to increase the canvas size by double the border width X and Y. Centre the image, then paint in your border.

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