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    My friend just sent me this link (by accident) to a place called promosquad...

    I signed up... You listen to songs and rate them (on what you thought) and you get 5 points for every song. You can also do polls (i just did all the polls in like 5 mins) and I now have 124 points.

    I got my reg. email at 12.53, it is now 1.15 and i already have 124 points!

    with the points, you can "buy" stuff from the store... You only hear about 2 mins of each song... so it is relatively fast...

    anyways - if you're interested - i'll get a whole 5 points if you sign up (hey - sign up and don't ever use it - I don't care)...

    Weeee... I'd keep playing - but im stuffed, so i'm off to bed. Night all...

    (and happy autumn (fall)/ spring depending on where you are)


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