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Jun 8, 2009
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bozeman, MT
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Before I throw down some bucks for brochures how should I properly adjust my levels so they don't come out dark or light after printing?? WHat setting/levels etc should I follow other than just looking at my monitor which may look good now but may not look good after printing...

Now I am using aperture. on a macbook pro 15" unibody.
Make sure the black point in the red,green,and blue channels is in the 10-11-12 point range for a lot of inkjet type printing out and for machine prints off of a Frontier printer or the various Kodak machines found in many self-serve places today. Don't allow the black point to "totally slam into the left hand side" of the histogram. Editing on a laptop can be tough, so to me, the black point adjustment is the way to make sure things on the laptop are mathematically safe...I don't trust a laptop for critical editing, but hey...we've all probably done it...
Thanks! Thats a helpful suggestion!

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