Provo River Falls


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Jun 29, 2010
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Orem, UT
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Why are the at least two threads with this image and a few more for other images shot at the same place. Why not just keep them all to one thread.

Having multiple threads called "Provo Falls" would actually make it hard for someone to follow one of them.
I love the shot but there is one thing that really needs to go. That branch thing on the left side is so distracting. I would of done everything in my power to get read of that.
I like the fallen tree. I don't think the shot would be the same without it.
The fallen tree and its placement becomes the focal point regardless of intention because your eye is drawn to it. If that was the intended focal point then that is fine. IMHO I just think the waterfall is a better choice for focal point. It's subjective.
I don't think that the fallen tree takes the eye. To me, the sky did. I didn't realize that a tree was even there until reading the comments.
Hey, that's a great landscape (HDR ?). I like it, has a lot of character and with the way you caught the water I have a real sens of being right there, the water at my feet. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

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