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Nov 15, 2011
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Some candid photos from today. I have been really exploring pp. Let me know if these are gimicky/cheap or if they look okay. I felt like they needed to be black and white due to the grain in the photo. Also I would really love to have these three images on one photo. I feel they are better when seen together all at once. Can I do that in lightroom? I played around with some templates in LR but they didn't look 'right'...like some I have seen on here.

1/160; f3.2; 3200 iso

IMG_5757.jpg by paige_w, on Flickr

IMG_5754.jpg by paige_w, on Flickr

IMG_5753.jpg by paige_w, on Flickr

I originally had some puppy/kid pics up but after staring at them on here I thought these sibling ones were better/clearer/sharper images :lol: If you want to see the dog ones they are on my flicker. I know these have 'issues' but they are candid snapshots; and I want to have good candid snapshots dangit! So c&c please <3
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Just plain cute. I agree with you that these photos ought to be seen together- in sequence. Makes for a lovely little mini story. And the quality is fine- maybe a little cropping up top would do well.
nice shots. I am not sure you can put the 3 on one in LR, but it can be done on picassa, which is a free download

edit- you posted you had it sorted as I was tying, very nice
Very cute and lovely, yes together they look great. Nice job
they are lovely but, imo, a bit too contrasty and the bright carpet in front hurts the pictures.


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